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8 Diet Rules To Ditch After 40

PHOTO: Weigh in once a week for a more accurate number than daily weigh-ins can provide.

8 Diet Rules To Ditch After 40 6. Ditch: Drink a daily glass or two of wine An additional 100 to 200 calories from a couple glasses of wine can easily contribute to weight gain over timea fact that applies to anyone. But when you get older, it gets more complicated: Aside from calories, as we age our bodies also do not metabolize alcohol as easily, making its effects more toxic, Zied says. Opt for a lower calorie option like seltzer or club soda with a splash of 100% fruit juice, and do not exceed 7 drinks a week, says Zied. 8 Diet Rules To Ditch After 40 7.
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Heavier dieters using diet drinks should look at food too, study says

Overweight and obese adults who use diet drinks to help them lose weight need to take another look at the food they eat, according to researchers who reported Thursday that those people ate more food calories than overweight people who drank sugar-sweetened beverages. The scientists writing in the American Journal of Public Health did not say the dieters should give up on no- and low-calorie drinks; rather, they said the dieters should look at what else theyre consuming, especially sweet snacks, to find other ways to modify their diets. Although overweight and obese adults who drink diet soda eat a comparable amount of total calories as heavier adults who drink sugary beverages, they consume significantly more calories from solid food at both meals and snacks, Sara Bleich, lead author of the study, said in a statement. Bleich is an associate professor in the Bloomberg School health policy and management department at Johns Hopkins University . She and her colleagues used data about people age 20 and older from the—crucial-data-released-231403591.html 1999-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey — a population-based survey that collects information on many health-related topics.
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In Defense of the Paleo Diet

However, as the trend toward eating more naturally increases in popularity, a lot of consumers report that concerns over the chemicals that diet drinks contain led them to switch to water or go with juicing instead. A shift in habits When meeting the company’s investors in October, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi noted that there has been “a fundamental shift in consumer habits and behaviors.” She also said the decrease in popularity of diet drinks has been happening faster than the company initially expected. Industry analysts report that the declining trend was already seen 10 years ago but has become more rapid in the last few years because of the increasing number of health-conscious consumers. Analyst Hester Jeon of IBISWorld published a study on soda use at the end of last year. She says that the drop in diet soda sales can be partially attributed to the growing concerns around processed artificial sweeteners.
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Diet sodas are losing popularity as more people switch to water, juicing

Finally, a study on vegetarians and omnivores who shop in health food stores found no difference in lifespan between the two groups. READ MORE Polar Explorer vs. Reality TV Crew Archeological evidence. By studying fossil remains, archeologists have determined that there was a significant decline garcinia cambogia in health when our hunter-gatherer ancestors shifted to an agricultural diet and lifestyle.
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